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A love story set in world where human cloning, known as ‘dubbing’, is now a commonplace volunteer programme. Ollie and Justin’s relationship is about to be turned on its head when Justin signs up, and his Dub comes to live with them for four weeks.

'Dubs' is a love story set in a tilted version of our own world in which cloning is an everyday necessity. It centres on Ollie, a 25-year-old in a comfortable relationship, who finds himself trying to make sense of his own life and purpose. Who can’t relate to that? When his partner – Justin - brings home an identical version of himself, Ollie’s world is sent spiralling. It provokes new obsessions in Ollie and old anxieties resurface. The path Ollie thought he’d carved, begins to take an unexpected turn.


The complexities of editing improvised performance combined with the number of visual effects for a low-budget film meant that post production spanned 30 months.


The film was completed in late 2019.

Starring Darko Baric & Thomas Flynn.

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